Last night Claire and I were sitting on the sofa chatting with the telly on. We weren't particularly watching it at that point, it was just on in the background.

Whilst chatting, I happened to glance at the TV as an advert was finishing. Something made me look. I don't know what. Maybe it was something said during the advert, or maybe it was just a casual glance, but something caught my eye just as the advert finished - the company's name and an image of a needle underneath. Huh?? A needle on TV, in an advert that isn't telling me to Talk to Frank, before the watershed?

My initial thought was: "No, that can't be. A botox advert on UK freeview telly? No way". So I looked it up, and sure enough it was a botox advert.

It was on again a little later on so I got to pay a bit more attention and it got me a bit concerned. No, not about my wrinkles - I wouldn't be me without my forehead furrows - but about the wording on the screen at the end. I felt I was missing something. Apparently, if I'm interested I need to contact my "aesthetic practitioner". My what?

Oh no, I don't have one. Should I have one? I have a "general practitioner" but not an "aesthetic practitioner". I wonder how many other people had the same thought. I bet hypochondriacs out there suddenly thought they really needed to get one. What's more, how exactly does an "aesthetic practitioner" differ from a plastic surgeon?

Anyway, I guess the advert has worked in a way. I'm talking about it, but only because its something I really wasn't expecting to see on freeview TV. It's not worked in that I'm not telling you who the company is (they paid Five US for advertising, not me) and I'm certainly not tempted by their product.