Q: What do Stuart Broad (England) and Daan van Bunge (Netherlands) have in common?
A: They've both been smashed for 6 consecutive sixes in one over this year.

As we all know, Daan van Bunge was clobbered all over the park by Herschelle Gibbs during this year's cricket world cup, and unfortunately, last night Stuart Broad suffered the same fate and became the first 6x6 casualty in Twenty-20 cricket history. This time by Yuvraj Singh of India, on his way to the fastest international 50 ever - off only 12 balls. (video here)

6 sixes an over isn't really that surprising considering the nature of the Twenty-20 game: we all knew it wouldn't be long before we saw this happen, but off one of England's main bowers - now that wasn't expected. I would have expected it off a lesser cricketing nation, not England.

As you can guess, England lost to India, but they really shouldn't have - they only lost by 18 runs. England really should have started their innings (they batted 2nd) a bit more aggressively. Unfortunately, it means they're also out of the Twenty-20 World Cup for this year too.

Don't worry all you England supporters, you can now start supporting South Africa - they're still doing well :-)