Body ModWe've all heard about people modifying things like their bicycles, computers, cars. You name it, since the year dot, people have been modifying their possessions to "make them look cool". Adding stickers here, a "cool new feature" there and generally changing things so they don't look like the original.

Of course this didn't stop there, oh no, Man had to start doing body mods too - actually the body mods pre-date modifying our goods. The most simplest of these is getting your ears pierced - remember it's a mod because if you were meant to have holes in your ears, you'd have been born with them. Of course, we all know people with pierced ears, the odd person with a pierced eyebrow or nose, and even a couple of people with tattoos, but how many people do you know who'd go to this extreme to modify their bodies.

The people in this list have total body tattoos, hundreds of piercings, split tongues, stretched ear lobes, skin implants, filed teeth and even permanent "cosmetic" scars. Now that's call freaky. Check it out if you're feeling a bit brave.

I guess these people are just trying to be different, just like everyone else.