Yesterday I finished laying the cut tiles and started scraping the walls removing odd bits of paint and strangly placed nails. The end of yesterdays floor efforts kept with the trend of being nice and neat...

Cut Tiles Done (1)Cut Tiles Done (2)

Today I had a little bit of a slow start as I'd miscalculated one of the cut tiles that go under the bath. It thought it went far enough, but Claire kindly pointed out that it probably wouldn't. It looked about right at the time, but when the light was on last night, the shadow drew a nice line... and well, I was about 2cm short in one place. I'd also managed to lay one of the tiles on a bump and then stepped on the tile so it came unstuck - I just had to remove the tile, beat the crap out of the bump and glue it back down. Problem solved.

I then took the opportunity to stop the loo leaking - yup, I made it leak again when I moved it to lay the tiles. Well, an hour or so later and no more leaky loo.

Then onto the grouting - We got the "mix it yourself" variety as they didn't do any of the ready mixed in the colour we wanted. I followed the mixing instructions exactly and ended up with this sloppy paste. It was like a thick (note, not double thick) milkshake, so I added more powder until I was happy with it and got grouting.

Grouting was great fun, and probably has to be one of the most motivating parts of laying a floor - as you grout, the more you get to see what the finished product is likely to look like. Of course, I got a little over excited and grouted the whole room and then remembered I'd forgotten to fill in along the walls, so another wait ensued.

After a couple more hours, I got to get back to the grouting and finish along the walls and give the floor it's first wipe down and this is what we've got now...

Grouting Done (1)Grouting Done (2)

The grouting should be completely dry tomorrow, so I can give the floor a good scrub and see the final product. (and then mess it up when I do the walls).