River Loddon Burst It's BanksOur neighbourhood has been free of any flooding over the past few weeks, as most of the rain was concentrated in the Midlands. Unfortunately, things changed yesterday and today when the South of England was finally hit with a lot of concentrated torrential rain.

Whilst the area has done a good job at coping with the rain, it couldn't last. I ended up having to take a major detour, via Twyford, this evening as the Loddon Bridge Roundabout (at the bottom of the hill we live on) was closed.

Once I eventually got home, Claire and I hot footed it down the hill to see why the roundabout was closed. That's when we discovered the River Loddon had burst it's banks and decided to consume the pub, cinema car park, garden centre and the roundabout with all it's water.

Check out the pics I took in my gallery.