Just in time for the World Cup, Google have added Google Street View to the maps of South Africa. Now you can mozy around South Africa from the comfort of your own home, any where in the world.

Not only that, they also sent the man on his bicycle into some of the stadiums so you can get a good look inside too:

YouTube Video

Head on over to https://maps.google.com/exploresouthafrica for a good look around the stadiums and host cities.

Oh yes, and these peeps at Google think of almost everything. Searching for "world cup" now displays the following at the top of the search results:

Google World Cup Search Results - Top

... and I suspect this will change daily to reflect the forth coming games and the table positions. But scroll right down the to bottom and see what they've done there...

Google World Cup Search Results - Bottom

Had they really thought of everything, they would have changed Goooooooogle to Laduuuuuuuuuuuma. No one says "gooooooooooaaaaaaal" in South Africa ;-)