So you're super rich, drive a fancy car and really couldn't be arsed to find a proper parking space when just popping into the shops. What do you do? Well, most of the time you just park on the double yellows or in the cycle lane and hope you don't get a fine. If you do, you just pay up as it's chump change to you.

Well, you'll want to think twice about doing that when visiting the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius. The mayor, quite a novel way of dealing with the problem and getting the message across...

I'm a bit disappointed he chose to drive over the "cheap" (in comparison to the other cars shown) Merc. I'd love to have seen him go over the Rolls or Ferrari and then capture the owners response. That would be brilliant.

Come on Boris, I think you need to come up with something similar to help your re-election campaign.

(Source: NYT)