I don't profess to be any sort of legal bod, but I certainly know what the difference is between life and death. When someone dies at the ripe old age of 85, they're said to have had a good life, and if someone dies at 3, life hasn't begun for them. So how can a life sentence be anything less than at least 65 years?

Today 4 pigs were found guilty of paedophilia and sentenced to the following sentences:

Pig #1: "six life sentences, and told him he would not be eligible for parole until after at least 12 years."
Pig #2: "a life term, with a minimum tariff of 10 years."
Pig #3: "jailed for eight years."
Pig #4: "a life term with a minimum of four years imprisonment."

Ermmm, how can six life sentences equate to a minimum of 12 years when another life sentence equates to just 4 years? Surely "life" is just that - the rest of your life or at least what the national statistics office classify the average life expectency is at the time.