Interesting links for 13 Jan 08 - 26 Jan 08:

  • SA traffic lights to go solar - Looks like SA is heading in the right direction towards sorting out the power issues. The government has finally agreed that there is an electrical emergency and now the introduction of solar powered 'robots'. In theory, all street and traffic lights cou
  • Is this the end of cheap food? - Claire and I were discussing this recently and the following quote rings (illogically) true: 'UK shoppers aged under 50 have so far never experienced food-price inflation.' It doesn't make sense that food has been getting cheaper and cheaper when everythi
  • RIP "Curry Hell" Restaurateur - You've got to check out the advert this guy posted for his restaurant - check out the disclaimer at the end. Now that's got to be a hot curry.
  • Video Ads Are Planned for Grocery Carts - It's carnage enough as it is, but bunging a TV onto the end of a shopping trolley is just going to cause mayhem. I think I'll stick with a good ol' paper list thanks.
  • 2007 Darwin Awards - The 2007 Darwin awards are now out. Some pretty stoopid people have kindly removed themselves from the gene pool.