Interesting links for 19 Feb 08 - 28 Feb 08:

  • Solaris Features: Service Management Facility - A great introductory tutorial on Solaris 10's "Service Management Facility" (SMF).
  • PIN Entry Device (PED) vulnerabilities - So Chip And PIN is not quite a secure as the banks would have you believe, and something as simple as not trying to save a quick buck could have prevented this whole issue.
  • Cold Boot Attacks on Disk Encryption - An interesting way to take advantage of a limitation of today's DRAM memory to grab things like encryption keys before they're lost from DRAM, even after powering off the machine.
  • Enclosed, but not encrypted - When 128-bit AES encryption isn't anything more than an XOR. A great explanation into the flawed and supposed 128-bit AES encryption offered by one disk manufacturer.
  • Toshiba climbs on 'HD DVD exit' - Well, I'm glad I sat back and watched this happen rather than spending my pennies. What is good, IMHO, is that the better technology has prevailed, unlike the old VHS - Betamax battle