Interesting links for 7 June 2007 - 18 June 2007:

  • - Very cheap (50p a track), high quality (320Kbps), DRM free music, and best of accessible from any browser. You're music is also re-downloadable AFTER you've paid for it. No more lost tracks.
  • Customizable cardboard cot - I hope Fiona and Alan didn't spend a lot on a cot. These ones are cooool, if a bit expensive for a cardboard box. Maybe the wheels are gold plated or something.
  • Fly Pink, a women's only airline - OMG. Whatever next.
  • SA's anonymous crime tip-off line - What a brilliant idea. This has the potential to have a huge impact on crime in SA.
  • Mr. Lee CatCam - Ever wondered what your moggy gets up to every day? Well some German chap was, so he attached a camera to his cat's collar. Now he knows. Pretty cool.