We've all heard the "Wimoweh" song, also known as "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" from The Lion King, but very few know it's history.

The song was originally called "Mbube", produced by a Zulu musician, Solomon Linda in 1939. It's estimated that Solomon received a total of 10 shillings for the song at the time, and since then the record companies have made millions with him and his faimly getting bugger all.

Well, thanks to the Dickens Provision in the Copyright Act of Great Britain - and its former colonies, this has all changed. A settlement has been reached with his family for back payment of past royalties and the right to receive future royalties. No figures have been given, but I imagine it's got a lot of zeros.

Oh, and it seems the author of the caption for the black and white image in the middle, can't tell his left from his right.

Update: The image caption has been changed, but it did say Solomon was on the far right, when he's actually on the far left.