More4 Logo

Channel 4 have just launched a new "adult" TV channel called More4. Now, I bet you're already thinking dirty movies and other "adult" viewing, but you're wrong. It's normal TV, just with content aimed at adults, like the news, current affairs programs, dramas and documentaries - no boobies anywhere.

Anyway, it's a rather interesting name they've chosen - it's a Channel 4 channel, hence the 4 part, and it's ANOTHER one, hence the More part. However, if you say the channel name quickly a couple of times and think about what you're saying, you'll realise that it's name is fringing on using an adult word commonly used by rappers and "gangsta's".

If you haven't worked it out, write the channel name on a piece of paper using only letters (ie spell out 4) and then remove the last two digits of each word - now you're saying adult words like a rapper and "gangsta". Careful though, it's an adult channel, so don't say this round children.