I was very fortunate to receive the awesome Weber One Touch Gold braai (BBQ) for my birthday and last weekend was a prime time to take it out for it's maiden voyage. As it's a braai and not a BBQ in our household, the first thing to cook had to be wors (got it from Susmans along with a kilo of biltong :-p ).

Here's a mini-picture story for you to enjoy (select the first image and click through).

The Braai Kit Firestarter (1) Firestarter (2)
Firestarter (3) Firestarter (4) Emptied and Piled
Getting to temperature Raw Wors Beer Time
Cooking Wors Wors Done Weber Bed Time

I left cleaning the Weber to the next morning as it was quite late once we'd finished eating and what a pleasure it was. All I had to do was crumble or pick up the remain large chunks of coal, push the ashes through the vents at the bottom into the ash-catcher, remove it, empty it and it was done. The Weber was spick-and-span in less than 10 mins.

All in all the Weber is a brilliant braai and I can't wait to cook up all sorts of culinary delights. I think the ultimate goal is to cook the Christmas turkey in it like my uncle Steve did one year.