Well, I finally had enough of Tiscali's poor customer and network service and decided to upgrade my broadband to BT's Infinity fibre optic broadband. I've only had it all up and running for just over an hour and I'm already loving it.

I received a call from the BT engineer (Faisal Masood) at about 13:40 to let me know he was at the junction box up the road and to warn me he was about to start working and that my telephone and broadband line will be going down. He said he'd be with me in about 30 mins. Well less than an hour later, he was all done and I was instantly getting over 36Mbps.

I've gone from this measly "best" on Tiscali yesterday (today's tests were slower)...

SpeedTest - Before

... to this on BT Infinity...

SpeedTest - After

Yup folks, that's an instant 5 fold improvement, and all for 50p more a month (after the first 3 month discounted price) than I was paying for my "low contention business account" (thanks to Tiscali taking over Freedom2Surf) with Tiscali. Apparently it can take up to 10 days for the speed to settle so things might just get a bit quicker. I don't think it will, but we'll see.

Now I wonder how long before BT upgrades our exchange to their new 100Mbps broadband ;-)