Whilst driving to work this morning, I was a listening to the radio and was a little surpised to hear what this week's number 1 is on the UK Top 40 according to Radio 1. Before I get to it, let me tell you what was number 1 elsewhere in the world:

Lets start with our friends on the other side of the world , Australia... their #1this week is The Prayer by Anthony Callea (Don't recognise this one :-), but I believe it's an Aussie chap).

Now lets come a little closer to home, my homeland - South Africa. Their #1according to 5FM is What You Waiting For by Gwen Stefani (Good track - I have it on my iPod at the moment).

Now how about a little closer to home, Germany. These guys tend to have some very strange #1's and this week is no different... Schnappi by Schnappi (As The Black Eye Peas sung in one of their songs - Who the Hell???).

Ok, one more stop before we get to the UK - we have to pop over to the "Good 'ol US of A". Their #1 this week is Let Me Love You by Mario. (Hmmm, it won't be going on my iPod anytime soon.)

And finally, back to the UK, you'll never guess what is number one... I'll give you a clue... he's DEAD and the track has already been #1 (probably several times). Without further ado, this week's UK #1 is..... Jailhouse Rock by Elvis.

I can't believe it... why do we have an old song at #1? It's not even a cover... it's the original song. And to top it off, over the next 18 weeks the music company responsible for the Elvis songs will be re-releasing a different Elvis track each week.

Come on, we're already forced to listen to crap bands and artists thanks to Simon Cowell and his bloody Pop Idol/X Factor/"Whatever money making TV/music program they are releasing this week", why do we have to be forced to listen to Elvis all over again??!!