It's been crazy at work over the past few weeks, but things are bound to get better now. We're getting an upgrade to our vending machines. To quote the email I received yesterday...

The new offer will consist of hot beverage drinks to include:

* Bean to Cup Coffee
* Specialty Coffees
* Chocolates
* Fresh Brew Tea
* Cold Drinks

Snack machines will include a range of confectionery products and in addition a range of healthy options.
Cold drinks - A choice of either bottled or cans will be available depending upon location.
Cold Water - New mains fed water machines will be provided.

I know it's nothing quite as posh as the Starbucks machine and free Coca-Cola Claire gets at work, but it's certainly better than the gnats piss we get from our machines now.

I'm interested to see what the "healthy options" will be. I'm guessing something like an apple vending machine. It'll also be interesting to see how the prices change: coffee/tea is currently free, but everything else is chargeable.

Come to think of it, maybe this is the company's way of making us work harder. More caffeine means more action.