After a lot of fighting with the company and generally kicking off, they finally agreed to get the Sun accountants to do our tax returns. After all, they did them whilst we were in Spain, but then changed their minds when we came back.

Well, my screaming and shouting has paid off, Deloittes (Sun's new accountants) has completed my tax return and I'm due for a nice big fat refund... about GBP1800. Now that's a tidy sum to get back from the tax man. Had Deloittes not done my tax return, I don't think I've have managed to work out a refund, let alone one that big.

It does however make you wonder how much tax I should have got refunded last year. Ernest & Young did our tax returns and in retrospect, I know several things on it were wrong or left out. These things only came to light this year, but I don't think I can back claim my tax now, but I'll check.

Now, do I pay off some of my debt, buy myself a birthday present (iMac G5) or invest the money?