Things have been a bit quiet here as I'm back in Madrid this week on a RedHat training course. I know, I should have been able to do it in the UK, but as the company are paying for it, and most of the people attending are already in Spain, it was cheaper to bring the few of us out here.

The first night we got here was disasterous... the manager that was meant to leave us the key for the company rented flat "forgot" and went on holiday. So we had to trek around the northern part of Madrid searching for a hotel. You'd be amazed and the number of locals and taxi drivers that don't know there's a hotel right under their noses. It took me to call an English engineer here in Madrid to find out that we were about 10 mins walk away from 2 hotels. Following manager approval, we checked in for the night. The next morning we got the key, so we're now in the air-con-less flat.

As for the rest of the time so far... if I haven't been "training" or eating a huge sizzling steak (last night), I've been sweating my wotsits off. It's been averaging 35C-38C every day and only cools to a lovely 30C at night. Marvey!!!

Believe it or not, but I am actually looking forward to the nice cool English weather. Bring on Friday night.