Tabasco Habanero SauceIf you're a fan of hot spicy sauces like the Nandos sauces, then you must try the Tabasco Habanero sauce. This is a lovely hot and tasty sauce that packs a punch.

Unlike the original Tabasco sauce, which is just a mix of red chilli pepper, salt and vinegar, the habanero sauce is made up of one of world's hottest chilli peppers - the habanero - mango, papaya (we call this a pawpaw in South Africa), banana, tomato, tamarind, garlic and spices all beautifully mixed to form a slightly thicker, but way tastier version of the original Tabasco sauce. Don't be put off by all the fruit flavours - you won't be able to identify them. They're just there to give the sauce a slightly sweeter taste. I believe this is more of a Jamaican style of sauce.

I think this sauce has just made its way up towards the top of the list of my favourite hot sauces. It always used to be one of the Nandos sauces, but now I'm not sure. This Tabasco sauce is a real contender for top spot, especially as you don't need very much to get a real kick.

Just one word of caution: gently does it. This stuff is HOT and will burn for a long time if you over do it. It'll be very tasty and misleading at the time, but open your mouth and it becomes a whole different story, but don't let that put you off.