This is a computer generated image of what the most expensive flat in the world may look like when it's completed in 2010:

Expensive Flat

This flat is going to be one of the penthouse apartments in a new development called "One Hyde Park", in you guessed it, Hyde Park, London (about a block away from Harrods if you're interested). Each penthouse unit will have bullet proof windows, purified air systems and "panic rooms", just in case someone manages to get past what will probably be one of the best paid security guards in the world. Oh, and everyone on site will have access to an underground passage leading to the nearby Mandarin Oriental hotel. Erm, why? Surely the flats in this block, averaging at over £20 million each, have everything one could need and the owners can afford to get anything they desire without having to go visit the local hotel.

Apparently, over half of the flats in the block have been sold already and the average sale price was over £20 million. That works out to over £6000 per square foot - a little over the size of an A4 piece of paper. That's insane!!!

Now for the price of the penthouse shown above... £100 million. Yup, £100 million - that's about R1.5 BILLION - about what South Africa has spent on healthcare this year (according to Trevor Manual's latest budget report). That's unbelievable.

I also can't help but feel it's a complete waste of money. Why would you want such an expensive flat in London when you can buy half of one of the home counties for less?