I've been thinking of implementing a new header logo for this theme. I don't think the current one fits in well with the rest of the look, especially since moving to the "blue" look as default.

So I'm working on a couple of ideas. To start off with, which of these do you prefer?

The Current Header Logo:
Original Colin Seymour Header Logo

A Simpler Reflective Header Logo:
Simpler Reflective Colin Seymour Header Logo

If you'd like to see it in place, just hover your mouse over the current logo at the top of the page. It should change to the newer one and revert back when you move your mouse away.

Update: It seems IE6 throws a bit of a wobbler with the hover header thing. Try IE7 or Firefox if it's looks odd. I'll see what I can do about this issue this weekend.

Update: I've put in a temporary fugde for all IE users until I finally decide on which logo I'm going to use.