The snow in the south of the UK is really unbelievable today. I've not seen anything like it in all my time in the UK. It started snowing at about 12:30 in Reading and hasn't stopped since and it's all settling. By the size of the build up on the balcony rails, I'd say we've had at least 3 inches at the time of writing this post and it's still going.

Here are some of the pictures I've taken through the day with the most recent about 45 mins ago...

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I've just taken a mosey up to the main road and it's terrible. I feel sorry for poor Claire; she's out there in that snow and traffic on her way home from work. She's just sent me a text message to say she's been in the traffic for 50 mins already and hasn't even made it out of Thames Valley Park - I think she's going to be a while still :-( . I hope she gets home OK and brings her laptop home with her as I don't think she'll be able to get to work tomorrow, even if she wanted to. I'm certainly not risking driving to work tomorrow morning when I don't have to.