My laptop has served me very well as a webserver, however I want it back now. So I've decided to host my site on an external server. This should keep things more reliable (not that I've had any reliability issues), more secure and backed up properly, not via the hack I currently use. But best of all, it should also provide better performance (my ADSL line only has a 256k uplink).

I've spent the past week or so moving my site across to the new servers hosted by Site5. At 16:00 BST today, I'll switch the DNS to point to the new site. It'll take a bit of time for all of the world to register the change, but it should be complete within 24 hours at the very most. You may notice the change straight away, you may have to wait, but be sure to to press "Shift + Refresh" or whatever your browser's equivalent is to force a reload. You should notice the difference.

If you spot any problems, let me know.