My cousin, Sarah, got engaged on 16 April to what sounds like a very nice young man. I've not met her fiancé Dan, but he was certainly über romantic with his proposal. I'll let Sarah's words explain how it happened...

So I thought I was going to the Vaal dam which I was excited about since I’ve never been there. We were meant to be going to one of the police reservist’s homes there for a braai (Dan is a reservist in Fairlands). Well I got woken up at 03:45 on Sat morning and got the fright of my life - I thought there was a robber in my room! I sat up so fast that I head butted Dan in the face and made his lip bleed before I head butted the wall and had a red mark for the rest of the day! I was given breakfast in bed with red roses and stuff so I guessed that today must be the day - WHO EATS AT 4AM!!!!!?????!!!!

Anyway I got a list of stuff to pack into a backpack and had to be ready at 04:30 which we were. Then his sister and her boyfriend (Emma and Hennie) arrived to fetch us and we landed up at the airport - I thought it was a clever detour until they drove off and we got on a plane to Cape Town! Then off to Hout Bay for my 2nd breakfast and then over Chapman’s Peak to Noordhoek. Now you must understand Noordhoek beach is one of my most favourite ones around and I am a SERIOUS fan of cupcakes…

All through the day I wasn’t allowed to ask any questions - I just had to photos of each thing we did and shut up (very frustrating for me!) So we went for a 2hr horse ride on the beach - one word AMAZING!!! I have always wanted to ride on that beach and I got to gallop up and down ahead of Dan and the guide (yes Dan, who doesn’t ever horse ride and is a bit wary of Pete [Sarah's horse] rode, and rode fast, for 2 hours - major points for him!)

After that we picked up a picnic he’d arranged and took it to one of the picnic places on Chapman’s Peak where we could see Noordhoek beach. After unpacking the hampers and a random bakery box we decided it was too windy outside and would just eat in the car and I was repacking the stuff the wind blew the lid of the bakery box open and I reached for the box to stop it blowing away and found 4 cupcakes that said “will you marry me” on them… after a day like that I could only say yes! And especially with a beautiful ring to go with it!

Then we drove back to the airport where my gran met us and flew home. At Jhb good friends of ours, Brad and Charlese, were waiting for us and after a quick change of clothes at the airport we were taken to Carvers (in Northcliff) where Emma and Hennie had booked for both our families to be there for dinner when we arrived… and then the party started!

So it was a jammed packed day but everything and more I could have asked for and now I have a (I mean 3) rather shiny diamonds on my finger

That is quite some proposal. I thought carting my girlfriend at the time (now my gorgeous wife) all the way to South Africa and then up to God's Window was romantic, but I think this may trump it, if not it's very close. You can tell Sarah was still very very very excited about it 4 days later.

Congratulations cuz. I approve ;-) .

Now about the dress, I think I know one which may be going spare ;-)