I'm a big fan of the Madam & Eve and Zapiro comics and do most of my regular web reading using feeds in Google Reader (if you don't have a feed, chances are I don't pop round very often). Anyway, it wasn't long until I discovered that there wasn't a reliable M&E feed and no Zapiro feed at all - so I created my own.

Going on two years ago, I knocked up a script that scraped the Madam & Eve site and pulled the cartoons into an RSS feed and started publishing it. So far, it's worked a treat and is gaining new subscribers all the time.

Several months ago I decided to do the same for the Zapiro cartoons published on the Mail & Guardian website. I've been testing this for quite some time and I haven't bumped into any issues yet, so I thought I'd share it with the world too.

If you're a fan of feeds and Zapiro, then subscribe away: RSS Icon

If you like Madam & Eve too, then here's the feed for that too: RSS Icon

All feeds I create are valid, where it's in my control, and use RSS 2.0 format.

WARNING: These are unofficial feeds and accordingly, I take no responsibility for their content. If I have to remove a feed, I will update the feed to indicate it's removal, but I'm hoping I'll never have to do this.