I was casually reading the BBC website as I do regularily to keep up to date on some of the news in South Africa, only to find this article... Mbeki sued over apartheid era

Basically a lawyer in New York (of all places) is suing the South African Government and several large coporations (Anglo-American, Goldfields, IBM to name a few) for $10bn (that's lots of zero's : - ) ) on behalf of alleged victims of the apartheid era.

Ummm, didn't we have a whole reconciliation process to resolve issues like these. Check out the link for the full story.

Out of curiosity... as a South African who lived through apartheid (victim?), am I allowed to sue someone now cos I feel something unjust was done?

Come on, get over it. Everyone knows apartheid was wrong, but it's happened and there's nothing we can do about it except get over it and change things that we can change. We've gone through a reconciliation process and from what I can see, the people of South Africa are getting on with it. Living life.

If people are going to sue companies for making money during the apartheid era, they may as well sue every organisation that had an office in South Africa between 1910 and 1994, oh and whilst they're at it, how about every white person that had a maid or gardener as they obviously "gained" from apartheid too. Of course they're not going to do this cos it's a logistical nightmare and far too much effort for the quick buck they wish to make.