Ah come on, this is unbelievable. A Welsh food company has been forced to change the name of their sausages by trading standards because "Welsh Dragon Sausages" was deemed to be misleading.

Well of course they're misleading, but only if you're stupid enough to believe there is real dragon meat in these sausages. The product label apparently clearly states they've got pork in them, but because they don't state that they are pork/beef/vege in the title, they're misleading to vegetarians. Well, that's why it's got a bloody label on it!!! Surely veggies check the label of foods they're going to eat in much the same way as someone looking to cut fat in their diet would. This is just over-protection taken too far. Why don't they just force food companies to plaster "May contain meat" all over their sausages? Oh wait, that's right, because most cheap sausages don't.

On the topic of sausages, how can trading standards allow companies to call sausages pork sausages when the pork content is often less than 50% of the sausage. Surely if it's more "not" pork than it is pork, then it's not a pork sausage. They should check out the law on boerewors. Now that's called a sausage.