What do you get when you take one on-form European team: Portugal, one team of minnows: North Korea, add a generous splash of rain to give it that European feel, and then mix it all up in Cape Town? World Cup 2010's first true goal-fest.

Portugal pulled out the stops yesterday to hand North Korea the thumping of a life time. Sadly for the propaganda machine that works it's "magic" in North Korea, this was also the first game the North Korean government allowed to be broadcast live in North Korea - ooops.

YouTube Video
Portugal 7 - 0 North Korea

Impressive stuff there with Christiano Ronaldo on fine form with a bar-shaking shot and then some very impressive (or was that lucky?) ball skills for his goal. Somehow I don't think Portugal will be complaining about the ball.

Hold thumbs that we're in for a goal-fest this afternoon. Bafana Bafana need to hand France a thumping like this. I doubt it'll happen, but you never know; given the troubles in the French camp, maybe the French will decide to go on strike for the game after all.