As we enter the final week in the build up to the start of Africa's first football World Cup, it's time to get your flags out in true South African style - it all kicks off on Friday and you don't want to be seen to be unprepared.

Since 27 April 1994, the South African's have been immensely proud of their flag. It actually started off as an interim flag, decided upon a mere week before the first democratic elections on 27 April 1994, but people very quickly grew to love it and what it stood for and it became the official flag. A lot of respect is also instilled and required thanks to some pretty clear regulations - imagine the English had this much respect for their flag. Anyway, it soon started cropping up all over South Africa, in various logos and designs and it wasn't long before it started appearing outside of South Africa too. Now it's an easily recognised flag being displayed by South African's the world over. It's even been spotted in space.

So it should come as no surprise to you that the South African's are really pushing the flag idea. As you drive out of
OR Tambo International Airport towards your world cup accommodation, you'll be presented with all of these flags:

892800883 892800894 892800902 892800912 892800914

And, if you're lucky, en-route to your hotel you may also spot this eager fan:

892800928 892800927 892800916 892800922

Now that's a lot of flags.

So folks, you've got 3 days to get hold of your flags or dig them out of the box in the loft/garage/where ever you store stuff. I've got mine out and strapped to my vuvuzela and gave them a good warm up whilst watching the rugby on Saturday.