Well, it seems Jacob Zuma has trashed everything two major campaigns in South Africa have fought for - Women's Rights and AIDS Education and Awareness (millions have been spent on this one).

Jacob Zuma was acquitted of rape in the Johannesburg High Court today. From all the stuff he's said during the trial, he's pretty much sent out the message to all rape-inclined men; "Hey, it's ok to rape a woman if she's not wearing a jilbāb, she IS asking for it after all."

And to the rest of the uneducated populous; "Moenie vret about getting HIV/AIDS, you can have a shower after you've got jiggy without a condom."

I know you can't throw the book at someone who's innocent (seems his accuser has a bit of a reputation for false rape claims), but I certainly think something should be done about his actions and comments. He's just flushed millions of Rands worth of work down the loo with his bloody stupid comments. I guess the "tongue-lashing" he received from the Judge is about as good as we can get at bashing some sort of sense into the man.