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      That's my weekend sorted

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      Just as I was thinking I'd really like a few great beers tonight, June's yummy beer haul was delivered.

    • Just about to head off to sunny South Africa for the Comrades Marathon and my first holiday in a very long time in which I'm not taking my laptop. I normally take it to do a bit of fun holiday coding and hacking with a beer or two in the sunshine but end up looking at work stuff. Not this time. No laptop, no temptation.

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      Comrades is off!! I've got better things to do. 🤣😂🤣 I fear my left arm isn't as well trained as my legs tho 😞

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      Nope. It's definitely half empty 😂🤣

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      New batch of world class beers delivered today. I've had the peachy one before but not disappointed to get it again 😋

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      Just the welcome I needed after a week away on business

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      March's @BottleShopWeb World Class Beer Club shipment arrived today and it for the first time contains a single beer I've had before.

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      I come to the pub just to check out the dogs. This chappie is gorgeous.

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      February's @BottleShopWeb World Class Beer Club haul will go nicely towards my 3000 unique count milestone on @untappd

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      Nothing like naming and shaming the company responsible for Wetherspoons to cancel Steak Night across all 900+ pubs

    • I cancelled our paid TV channels and we stopped getting them this week. I don't miss them at all and actually find it quite refreshing to not have to trawl through a million channels I don't want to watch.

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      Joined the The BottleShop's (@bottleshoponline/@bottle_shop) World Class Beer Club and got my January box today. Interesting selection from all over the world. 😋

    • Nearly left the pub before the live music started but glad we didn't. Just discovered The Amazing Tiger Band. This self-described "one man band with a bass guitar, loop pedal and a vision" is really good and just the kind of music I find myself listening to a lot recently. Here's also just got the whole pub shouting "Go f**k yourself" too.

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