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      I don’t know what offends me more… the fact someone thought they needed an apostrophe or the fact they even got that wrong 🤦‍♂️

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      Cooling down on the balcony with @susmansbiltong, @sirencraftbrew and my NowLight (first use after months of owning) which is giving us light whilst powering the toons

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      My first ever £0.00 road tax bill. I love it when tax is this taxing 😁

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      This is such a great idea. I really just ordered two portions. 😋

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      My first flight in more than 103 days. 😋

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      They call these tiny cantaloupe-sized green things “watermelons” in the UK 🧐 For me, a watermelon has always been a fruit that can only ever be carried with two hands. 😬

    • 3TCricket‽ WTF‽ This sounds a little complicated at first, but I can see this being pretty exciting. I think my biggest challenge is going to be trying to find a way of watching this from 🇬🇧. ://

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      Perfect timing with the lights meant I barely had to stop mid-run to snap this outside the Royal Berkshire Hospital without fear of getting run over

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      I was forced to socially distance from a family hogging the path whilst out for a stroll during my run today 🤣😂

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      Oooo, look 👉 a slightly smooshed sourdough bread!! No one is making these anymore so I’m getting in ahead of the second 🦠 wave 🤣

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      Two lovely sour beers from a very new and very very local (less than 3km) brewery @dolphinbrewery 👏👏 I couldn’t wait for delivery so ventured into @thegrumpygoat instead 😁

    • TIL the American pledge of allegiance was written as a marketing gimmick in a popular children's magazine as part of a celebration of the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus's arrival in the Americas. ://

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      Wat the fudge!? Some one stole all of Blighty’s clouds. (If you see more than one white spec - the moon - your screen’s dirty 🤣😂)

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      Three large boxes and a packet for 5 pairs of short 🏃‍♂️ shorts seems like an apt amount of packaging. The two pairs at the bottom came in a bag that could have fitted all 5 pairs. Great work Amazon.

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      Hmmmm, the last bottle of homebrew beer that has been sat forgotten on the back balcony for over five years. 🤢

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      I have my own beer monkey for the “Intergalactic BrewDog AGM on my balcony”. Killing it!! 🤘

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      Think I’m going to start my own Etsy business: Artisanal V60-02 Coffee Filter Holders @ £3 with free p+p. It’s slightly more expensive than twists but that’s for my excellent scissor skills and the new trousers I’ll need after every 10 orders 😂🤣

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