• The last two weeks back in 🇿🇦 has reminded me of just how much I love and miss a good highveld thunderstorm. They used to be like clockwork at ~4pm, now they happen anytime in the afternoon or evening, and even multiple times in one day.

    • I absolutely hate “Come Dine With Me” but I think I might be addicted to a South African variant in Afrikaans called “Kom Ons Braai” though I feel I’m missing out as I only have one braai. A lot of these guys have at least 2 with one chap even having 4, and he used them all! 😱

    • I don’t want to imagine what they’ve done wrong but Lagunitas IPA on tap tastes horrid in 🇿🇦 compared to 🇬🇧 (meh) and 🇺🇸 (better). Maybe Heineken are short-changing here cos peeps don’t know any better. 😟

    • It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon in 🇿🇦 and I’m listening to live music, watching Super Rugby, drinking great beer and all we need now is a thunderstorm like we had last weekend to top off a great day out perfectly.

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      I never tire of African sunsets, even in the city.

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      It’s later than when I lived here but a traditional summer afternoon thunder shower has just arrived and it smells amazing!!! Feeling über nostalgic right now.

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      I encountered some very very dangerous wildlife on my run in the African bushveld this morning 🤣😂

    • I never thought this would ever happen but I’m currently listening to a four old’s favourite track on repeat and really enjoying it. (Dance Monkey by Tone and I for those interested).

    • 🤔 when in 🇿🇦… biltong for breakfast everyday right? 😁

    • Less than 8 hrs in an ICE car and I’m already missing my Model 3. I keep putting my foot on the brake to start the car then realise it’s not doing anything about 5 sec later. I also nearly rear-ended someone as I was expecting re-gen braking 🤭. It also makes such a racket.

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      My humble abode for the next 11 hours. The next sunrise I’ll see will be my favourite… an African sunrise.

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      First beer of the year and it’s a fantastic one to start the year with.

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      I don’t think Google has any idea of just how much trouble they may be putting tourists in with these train lines. Only the grey line is remotely suitable for tourists and is the only one I’d ride on.

    • OMW!! I’ve just seen the Outhere Brothers album cover from the early-to-mid 90s which was really popular for a while when I was a youngster and I had absolutely no idea how… uh hum… it was. ☺️

    • A little Frangelico in an Old Fashioned makes for a really good alternate take on my favourite cocktail. 😋

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      Oooo eeeerrrr. Tasty tasty Christmas pudding stout. So much so the Mrs just stole my last sip whilst I wrote this.

    • I’ve become a bit of a fan of lofi music in the last few months after discovering it as a genre during a talk at RubyConf. A Christmas playlist we’re listening to now is going down so much better than the cheesy vocal versions.

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      Someone’s not having a very good Christmas this year. I think that’s a car on fire on the motorway we can now see after National Rail decimated the trees outside our flat.

    • I’ve become an @untappd celeb. Met two chaps this evening purely because I checked in a beer that they saw on the TV screen in the same pub and then saw my 5000+ check-ins.

    • We’ve just met and had a nice chat with a couple of chaps who identified me from my Untappd check-in. One was particularly impressed with my 5000+ check-ins which is why they reached out to chat. Had a good chat about beer and the demise of the local area pubs.

    • Chocolate

      It’s just as well it’s chocolate-munching-Christmas-time as we’re struggling to keep up with our Cocoa Runners subscription.

    • The USDA listed the country Wakanda as a free-trade partner. The two nations apparently trade ducks, donkeys & dairy cows&; 🤣😂 And they say procurement in 🇿🇦 is corrupt. Kudos to the Black Panther fan that managed to sneak that one through 👏 ://

    • I’m thiiiiis 👌 close to having everything in place so that I can get onto the POSSE 🚂 for micro posts full time from early next year. It’s a bit convoluted because I use Jekyll, but thanks to a little Ruby, GitHub Actions and micro.blog it might just work. 🤞

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