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      Looks quite nice outside, but the 🍺 inside @the_weather_station is nicer.

    • Instagram - B3sb8f4JxRN

      Errmmm, excuse me for asking Mr or Mrs Slug, but how the f^€k did you get up two storeys and into our kitchen sink?

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      This is definitely the coolest (and most expensive) loaner car I’ve ever been given. Still ❤️ my Model 3 though.

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      The Francesinha is my new favourite sandwich. Ham, cheese, steak, bacon, sausage, cheese, ham, cheese, steak, cheese, sausage, cheese (lost count of the layers) between two slices of toast, topped with melted cheese and then topped with a slightly spicy sauce.

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      Lovely day to watch the rugby

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      I’ve never queued and paid to enter a bookstore, and that’s not going to change today either 😀

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      Porto in the sunshine

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      Who needs a home charger when you've now got 16 @tesla supercharger bays less than a mile from home?

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      The closest I've come to empty.

    • Instagram - B1zTV32Ja3G

      Those peeps in the background are queuing for this, but I got the last one 🤣 Nom nom nom 😋

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      I've found my happy place, and they have a great selection of craft beers to help all this meat go down 😋😋😋😋

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      Holy sheeet, I've got some saving to do… £69 + £105 + SQ for three quarts of beer 🤭

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      My first ever theatre experience and it's Hamilton and I don't think we could get any closer to the action without getting thrown out.

    • Instagram - B1Uacznp5de

      This is not the time of night I want to pretend to be manly 😱

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      Caught in the Insta-act @thefishermanscottage 😂🤣

    • Instagram - B1RG98mpRGJ

      Finally visited the @westberksbrew brewery and tap room. Great place, beer and food.

    • Instagram - B1MRt6RpzLX

      It only took 3 years, 4 months and 10 days from reservation to a much sexier drive. And it was worth every second of the wait. Absolutely fantastic car!!!

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