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      Joined the The BottleShop's (@bottleshoponline/@bottle_shop) World Class Beer Club and got my January box today. Interesting selection from all over the world. 😋

    • Nearly left the pub before the live music started but glad we didn't. Just discovered The Amazing Tiger Band. This self-described "one man band with a bass guitar, loop pedal and a vision" is really good and just the kind of music I find myself listening to a lot recently. Here's also just got the whole pub shouting "Go f**k yourself" too.

    • Today I spent £250 on coffee in one go. I bought a year's worth of weekly coffee deliveries from HasBean Coffee and it's worth every penny. They self-roast the tastiest coffee I've found in the UK.

    • HAPPY NEW YEAR PEEPS!!! 🎇🎆🎉🎊 My wife and I don’t have a New Years resolution, we have an affirmation… we WILL be paying off our mortgage and becoming 100% debt free, in our thirties, in 2018. Now that's living the dream.

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      I clearly spent far too much time in 🇿🇦 and 🏃‍♂️this year.

    • Why do bank cards still come with a signature strip? I haven't signed for a payment in years, haven't signed a card in years, and no one has checked or even noticed either. Come to think of it, my card hasn't left my sight in years either.

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      The Queen's speech mentioned how television has evolved and here we are watching the Queen's speech on an iPad whilst munching our crimbo lunch.

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      The portrait mode on the iPhone X is incredible. Ron looks great in this photo

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      This is how I bank now… Live by the seat of my 👖 as a beta tester, upgrade as the product evolves, and invest. Now I can show off my investment in @monzo

    • Grammar is important

      🤔 This is why punctuation and grammar is important.

    • TIL: Listerine was invented to cure gonorrhoea and has since been marketed to treat sweaty feet, colds and even as an additive to cigarettes. Now you gargle with it.

    • I don't know what it is, but the peeps in San Francisco are really having a hard time understanding me this week. I've been called "Holland" four times (Claire thinks it's a cool name, but for me I'm more thankful I've not been called Colon yet on this trip) and have had to repeat myself umpteen times when ordering almost everything. I'm not sure if it's because I've become too British 😱, am not loud enough 😱 (I'd normally say impossible for a Saffer but the Americans are generally very loud) or if the time back in South Africa earlier this year for Comrades has knackered my vowels again but it's definitely different this trip. On the plus side, I used it to my advantage when fondling puppies this morning 😂🤣

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      I popped into a place advertising drugs… and got me one heck of a fix. I think I have a serious veg addiction 🤣😂

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      Who on earth thinks of Safeway when they want to splash out on insanely expensive wine? Holy moly that's expensive, and from a supermarket too 😱

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