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      This is not the time of night I want to pretend to be manly 😱

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      Caught in the Insta-act @thefishermanscottage 😂🤣

    • Instagram - B1RG98mpRGJ

      Finally visited the @westberksbrew brewery and tap room. Great place, beer and food.

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      It only took 3 years, 4 months and 10 days from reservation to a much sexier drive. And it was worth every second of the wait. Absolutely fantastic car!!!

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      The oompah band in the Harbour bar @lcbfestival is definitely the best entertainment, pity the Brit coordination sucks 😂🤣

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      Celebratory dark 'n stormy in the best glasses from @sirencraftbrew. Thanks @roundreading

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      Getting our swing on at @markethouse_rg1

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      Attempting to induce a meat coma for my flight this evening 😋😋

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      There is no way you can miss a photo op like this when they bring real donkeys to a TexMex themed dinner in a five star hotel 🤣

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      I think it's clear we've been travelling this week and I'm travelling next… our beer, I mean veggie drawer is looking a little lean and I'm just about to to tuck into that can.

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      Putting our cocktail strawberries to good use… as garnish for a Russian imperial stout 🤣

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      We now grow cocktail 🍓… they're strawberries we planted about 5 years ago and keep coming back every summer without any consistency in size or when they fruit 😁

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      Woohoo!! The rain has buggered off and summer has finally arrived.

    • Instagram - Byx9caTpeeH

      Hmmm meeeeaaat!! 🍖🥩😋

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      Sorry boss, gonna be a little distracted for the next month and a bit; I've moved to my summer office for the cricket world cup

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      This is how you troll foreigners (even the English speakers) when they visit Reading, pronounced "redding" 🤣😂

    • Instagram - BxvPtj5Jx_M

      This is definitely my best batch of patacones/tostones ever, thanks to using a block of lard for the frying 😋

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