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      It's my favourite week of the month again. Got a biltong delivery today too 😋

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      Now this is my kind of bike shop. I can drool over bikes I can't substatiate buying then replenish all that drool at the in-store bar

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      This is definitely going to be a good week for treats. Great beer selection arrived today and a mountain of biltong arrives tomorrow.

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      So that's what happens to the dogs and cats that never get homes 🤭

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      Somebody is going to be very P'd off

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      That's my weekend sorted

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      Just as I was thinking I'd really like a few great beers tonight, June's yummy beer haul was delivered.

    • Just about to head off to sunny South Africa for the Comrades Marathon and my first holiday in a very long time in which I'm not taking my laptop. I normally take it to do a bit of fun holiday coding and hacking with a beer or two in the sunshine but end up looking at work stuff. Not this time. No laptop, no temptation.

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      Comrades is off!! I've got better things to do. 🤣😂🤣 I fear my left arm isn't as well trained as my legs tho 😞

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      Nope. It's definitely half empty 😂🤣

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      New batch of world class beers delivered today. I've had the peachy one before but not disappointed to get it again 😋

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      Just the welcome I needed after a week away on business

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      March's @BottleShopWeb World Class Beer Club shipment arrived today and it for the first time contains a single beer I've had before.

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