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      Sounds like my kind of breakfast

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      This is such a 🆒 idea for serving a 🍺 flight

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      Oh come on America!! You've got to be kidding me… THREE different forms of $1!! I'd have rejected the coins had they not come out of a metro ticket machine and added up perfectly for my change.

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      Cheers New York City

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      There's nothing untoward about encountering turkeys crossing the road on your morning run in residential Brookline, Boston 😂. Bet they won't be this cocky in the fall

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      Found my post-race treat 🤮

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      Well played Trader Joe's 👏👏👏

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      Great knockers 🤣😂

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      The oven in our apartment in Barcelona serves as a great way to see the roof of the Casa Milà without getting up from the sofa 🤣

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      Very British recycling… every bottle and jar is upright 😁

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      Now this is a cheeseboard!!! And a great way to finish off our trip to the Lake District

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      My first Funion. There's nothing fun about this at all 😞 The beer sticks are definitely more my thing.

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      What's the point in having 24 hour licensing laws when you can't get a simple pint at 9:20 in the morning, mid-way through your run, at the top of a big-ass hill? 🤣😂😭😭

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      Worcestershire sauce has just been usurped in our household. 😋😋

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      Practising being an old boy. I think I might like it.

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      I think there may have been a teeny weeny fire in Emmer Green yesterday. 🤣

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