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      Hmmmm, the last bottle of homebrew beer that has been sat forgotten on the back balcony for over five years. 🤢

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      I have my own beer monkey for the “Intergalactic BrewDog AGM on my balcony”. Killing it!! 🤘

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      Think I’m going to start my own Etsy business: Artisanal V60-02 Coffee Filter Holders @ £3 with free p+p. It’s slightly more expensive than twists but that’s for my excellent scissor skills and the new trousers I’ll need after every 10 orders 😂🤣

    • My most disappointing sourdough loaf ever

      My most disappointing sourdough loaf ever. The bugger stuck to the tea towel around the spot I floured so it deflated when I tried to transfer it into the Le Creuset pot for baking ☹️

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      We’ve been forced to dig into our tinned food stash 😬

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      Dalgona Coffee… cos this is what you do with your free time when you can’t go to the pub

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      I guess going out to update Baby Yoda with a face mask could be considered an “essential” outing

    • If you have a discount code for a local and/or independent business, DON’T use it now. Pay full price, and generously tip if possible, and help keep a small business afloat as long as possible.

    • BrewDog Sanitizer

      I’ve never felt the need to impulse-buy hand sanitizer… until now. 👏👏 BrewDog ://

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      I’ve just won Crufts, now watch me do a Paula Radcliffe 🤣😂🤣😂

    • Wore through the right knee of my Levi’s yesterday and looked like a torn-jeans-wearing-hipster last night. Put my foot through the tear today and instantly looked like a tramp 🤣😂

    • Easter is fast approaching and the shops are starting to sell a variety of hot cross buns and, like last year, they don’t have any spices in them, even those labelled “classic” or “traditional“. Why not? The cost of spices hasn’t gone up that much has it?

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      Nope. I drive slowly past the spot, touch the P when it turns blue, slap it into reverse & my Model 3 does the rest whilst I grin & wave with both hands like a maniac at everyone around me. 🤣 Auto-parking is definitely one of my favourite features.

    • Someone’s telling porkie pies. My M3P only has 2 modes: not moving & “cream your pants, this is insanely fast”. This means I’ve never & probably never will see 350 miles. 🤣 ://

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      This is why I charged up on Saturday morning

    • I think my flight might be the last one out of OR Tambo tonight. It’s quite eery walking through an empty airport that is almost entirely closed.

    • One of the things I’m going to miss from 🇿🇦 when I head back to 🇬🇧 is going to be SuperSport. I’ve not watched this much 🏏 & 🏉 in a very long time. I know if I chose to pay the extortionate price for SoccerSports, I mean SkySports, I’d never get this much of either.

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