• I needed an eraser today so I dug out my 30 year old pencil case. It’s pretty much as it was when I matriculated, even with the pen I wrote my finals with (the one with the scooby wire, and it still works), my house colour badges, and even my emergency “Coke & Bar-one” R5 coin.

    • Oooo look at me drinking a cask beer for the first time this year!!! And it’s made even better by the glorious sunshine ☀️

    • I recently switched my Siri voice to “South African (female)” and when I used it earlier today she responded to my “Hey Siri” with “Ja?”. I’m looking forward to her starting to use the South African times of “right now”, “now”, “now now” and “just now” in her responses 🤣😂

    • I thought I’d run out of screen wash but it turns out I have a small rodent problem 😕

    • One down, one to go. Oxford AstraZeneca was the 💉 de jour.

    • Banksy popped over to Reading last weekend and left this on the wall of the old jail where Oscar Wilde was imprisoned.

    • I used to be a man that never wore slippers. Now my “house shoes” are still wet after being washed, I really miss them.

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      Our most recent cheese order from The Grumpy Goat is amazing. Each of these cheeses is new to us and they’re all winners!

    • My new favourite word, courtesy of a Der Spiegel article: grandiloquence – pompous or extravagant Ianguage, style, or manner, especially in a way that is intended to impress. The word itself fits perfectly with its definition 😆

    • 42: The answer to life, the universe and everything

    • We bought a “Large ‘Happy’ Cheese Box” and some chutney from a local cheese shop and I’m definitely happy with this haul 😋

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      I’m really liking the schooner-sized cans (middle) of the Aussie beers from this month’s Beer52 box. Feels like a perfect size to serve beer… and only 3ml less than 2/3 of a 🇬🇧 pint.

    • Thanks to 🦠 lockdown no. 3, I’ve been forced to become a fully trained barber again (clippers + 🪞 + YouTube = 💈) and cut my own hair today for the first time since 2002 when I lived in Madrid and couldn’t speak Spanish. I think I did a much better job this time 😁

    • New Year’s Eve is a great time to work out the ages and bedtimes of the neighbourhood kids without seeing a single one of them. The 6pm-ers get to stay up late and have NYE fireworks at 6:30, the 8pm-ers at 8:30, etc. Next set of fireworks due at 9:30.

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