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      Nope. I drive slowly past the spot, touch the P when it turns blue, slap it into reverse & my Model 3 does the rest whilst I grin & wave with both hands like a maniac at everyone around me. 🤣 Auto-parking is definitely one of my favourite features.

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      This is why I charged up on Saturday morning

    • I think my flight might be the last one out of OR Tambo tonight. It’s quite eery walking through an empty airport that is almost entirely closed.

    • One of the things I’m going to miss from 🇿🇦 when I head back to 🇬🇧 is going to be SuperSport. I’ve not watched this much 🏏 & 🏉 in a very long time. I know if I chose to pay the extortionate price for SoccerSports, I mean SkySports, I’d never get this much of either.

    • The last two weeks back in 🇿🇦 has reminded me of just how much I love and miss a good highveld thunderstorm. They used to be like clockwork at ~4pm, now they happen anytime in the afternoon or evening, and even multiple times in one day.

    • I absolutely hate “Come Dine With Me” but I think I might be addicted to a South African variant in Afrikaans called “Kom Ons Braai” though I feel I’m missing out as I only have one braai. A lot of these guys have at least 2 with one chap even having 4, and he used them all! 😱

    • I don’t want to imagine what they’ve done wrong but Lagunitas IPA on tap tastes horrid in 🇿🇦 compared to 🇬🇧 (meh) and 🇺🇸 (better). Maybe Heineken are short-changing here cos peeps don’t know any better. 😟

    • It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon in 🇿🇦 and I’m listening to live music, watching Super Rugby, drinking great beer and all we need now is a thunderstorm like we had last weekend to top off a great day out perfectly.

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      I never tire of African sunsets, even in the city.

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      It’s later than when I lived here but a traditional summer afternoon thunder shower has just arrived and it smells amazing!!! Feeling über nostalgic right now.

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      I encountered some very very dangerous wildlife on my run in the African bushveld this morning 🤣😂

    • I never thought this would ever happen but I’m currently listening to a four old’s favourite track on repeat and really enjoying it. (Dance Monkey by Tone and I for those interested).

    • 🤔 when in 🇿🇦… biltong for breakfast everyday right? 😁

    • Less than 8 hrs in an ICE car and I’m already missing my Model 3. I keep putting my foot on the brake to start the car then realise it’s not doing anything about 5 sec later. I also nearly rear-ended someone as I was expecting re-gen braking 🤭. It also makes such a racket.

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      My humble abode for the next 11 hours. The next sunrise I’ll see will be my favourite… an African sunrise.

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      First beer of the year and it’s a fantastic one to start the year with.

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