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      I think a few monkeys have escaped 🤣😂

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      This is a great initiative. Guess where I was when I saw this 😂🤣

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      Woohoo!!! December's haul has arrived. Shame it'll all be gone before 🎅 arrives

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      In all the years I've been coming to Reading and now frequenting the BrewDog pub over the road, I've never noticed this until now.

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      I was just thinking that I should pop out and get a few beers for the weekend when my November delivery arrived.

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      Holy moly! I didn't expect this much biscotti when I ordered a half bottle of vin santo.

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      One of the benefits of making and using your own compost: unintentional free cherry tomatoes once all the summer flowers have died.

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      In 🇺🇸 employees have to wash their hands after having a whizz. In @brewdogofficial, this is the norm 🤣

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      October's haul. Had I not delayed it before I went up to MCR I wouldn't have had the @cloudwaterbrew beer whilst I was there 😁

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      Today's sneaky purchase from @altymarket… cookies from @dans_cookies/@cookiesdan … and they're fantastic!! They go really well with an imperial stout as a beautiful dessert.

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      Millennials can keep their smashed avo toast, beef dripping on toast is where it's at these days 😋

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      I tried so hard to catch one of these chappies deep in the butterflyerium only to find one show-boating on the way out. No idea what his brand is but he's quite bland with his wings closed.

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      Who needs a telly in your AirBnB for catching up on Strictly when you've got a geek for a hubby? Of course hubby would prefer a 50" laptop for the sport but that would be a PITA to carry. He'd also look a bit odd when working remotely 🤣

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      I nearly had a heart attack at seeing a watch in a window for £78k and then spotted these 😮 Wilmslow is really nice otherwise 😂

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      Chester has the best bollard decorations 🤣

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      It's my favourite week of the month again. Got a biltong delivery today too 😋

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      Now this is my kind of bike shop. I can drool over bikes I can't substatiate buying then replenish all that drool at the in-store bar

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      This is definitely going to be a good week for treats. Great beer selection arrived today and a mountain of biltong arrives tomorrow.

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