Colin Seymour My name is Colin Seymour, Esq. and I was delivered to mum and dad, in Johannesburg, South Africa, on one fine summer day a long long time ago, by a great big African stork. Ok, the truth, many years ago, part of me (the Y chromosome part) won my very first race, all 3 inches of it. It was a tough race as the odds were heavily stacked against me - probably in the region of about 80 million to 1, but I did it. After winning that race, I spent about 9 months in this nice cosy cabin causing all sorts of havoc and decided enough was enough on my birthday and went for a walk - well more of a stumble at that time.

In the years that followed, I did a bit of schooling - 7 years of primary school, 5 years of high school, went to university for a while - and then headed off to greener pastures 🇬🇧.

I may now live in the UK, however I am still 🇿🇦 at heart.

I now share the ownership of a lovely two bedroom flat just outside Reading with my fantastic fiancée wife - I'm not this chunky anymore, but my wife is just as gorgeous.

The Mrs & Me

I'm @lildude on Twitter.

PS. As we live in a world of software patents, copyrights and a general "sue for the sake of suing" culture, I'm looking out for #1. Everything on this site, unless otherwise stated, is covered by a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License