Welcome to my page of unofficial feeds that I've created.

I'm a big fan on syndication and RSS/ATOM feeds. I use Google Reader to read all my feeds instead of actually visiting all the blogs, comics and news sites I read. Yes, I'm very lazy.

I'm so lazy that if a site doesn't actually have a feed, I either don't read it anymore, or if it's of particular interest, I create my own unofficial feed. This page lists all the feeds I've created and automagically update every day. Thus far I've created feeds for the following sites:


Madam & Eve : RSS Icon

Zapiro : RSS Icon

These aren't dynamically created, but actually by a script that runs at a set interval, that scrapes the web pages and pulls the info I want. This is then written to file (DB backend coming soon) and then the RSS feed is created.

All feeds I create are valid, where it's in my control, and use RSS 2.0 format.

Feel free to subscribe to any of these in your favourite aggregator.

WARNING: These are unofficial feeds and accordingly, I take no responsibility for their content. If I have to remove a feed, I will update the feed to indicate it's removal, but I'm hoping I'll never have to do this.