Check it out folks, over 500 miles to a tank of petrol and with absolutely no motorway driving at all - this is just over 2 weeks worth of to work and back:

500 miles to the tank

Despite what the reading says, the fuel economy is actually about 44.15 mpg (6.39 litres per 100km) as I could only squeeze in 51.86 litres. I suspect all the free wheeling skews the onboard computer a bit.

Just goes to show that if you drive very very carefully - they call it driving like a christian on TopGear - and bung in a fair amount of free-wheeling you can get some pretty impressive fuel consumption.

I don't think I've ever got 500 miles out of a 55 litre tank of petrol before - diesel yes, petrol no. That said, I've always driven cars with biggish engines. Thanks to the supercharger and turbo, the Golf GT only needs a little 1.4 litre engine which obviously helps with the fuel economy.

Now to see how many 500+ mile tanks I can get in a row.