At about 20:30 on 16 February 1999 I departed Johannesburg International Airport (it was still called that then) and started my life as an economic migrant (I came and stole their jobs and one of their women ;-) ) in sunny, warm England. At the same time I flew the nest and started life as a self-sufficient adult completely dependant on myself. No more mum to run around after me or bail me out if things got tough, or even to do my washing. As of that day, it was all up to me.

Wow!!! What a great 9 years it's been. I've seen a lot and been to a lot of places I would not have had I still been living in South Africa. That said, I've probably missed out on a whole host of other opportunities in South Africa, but there's no point dwelling on the things I might have missed out on - I've got plenty of life still in me, so there's plenty opportunity to catch up once I've finished bleeding the English economy dry ;-) .