The government is currently trying to pass a bill banning smoking in pubs, clubs and restuarants across England, however they just can't decide on the technicalities.

One technicality just keeps popping up - where exactly can you smoke? On the one hand they said only outside in the rain. Now they're trying to let people smoke in members only clubs (naturally, it's where all the MPs go after work) and places that don't serve food (surely a bag of crisps is food). They've even contemplated the idea used in South Africa - little glass boxes for the smokers.

Come on boys - the reason for the ban is because passive smoking will kill people, not because it annoys you when you're trying to tuck into your meal. Surely by allowing smoking in some places defeats the whole point - there are still going to be some non-smokers who have no choice but to work in these places.

I say, grow some balls and enforce an all out ban. If even the US, the "I'll do as I bloody well like" nation, can do it, surely England can too.