So the opposition kicks off after you've just scored a try. One of your team mates leaps into the air in front of you, with a little boost from you to get some extra altitude and then it happens: they over reach backwards and start to feel the effects of gravity as they start falling back-first towards the ground. So what does Beast do?

Yes, he holds on tight and then flips his team mate back up right and carries on.

Anton Bresler, the listee, weighs in at 112kg. I can't lift 112kg anymore, let alone lift it above my head, hold it there for a bit and then return it to the upright position. Tendai Mtawarira is one heck of a strong player.

Update: It would appear this isn't the first time Tendai has used his strength in this exact situation. He saved his captain at the time, Keegan Daniel, in the same manner...