For some obscure reason, my mind decided 3:30am is not the best time for sleep, but actually it's a great time for thinking about random stuff. (Must be a side effect of being a genius ;-) ). Anyway, whilst tossing-and-turning trying to clear my mind and get back to sleep, I heard this scratching and crinkling sound from outside the bedroom window.

As I wasn't anywhere near feeling sleepy anyway, I thought I'd check it out (I'm a very nosey neighbour). Well, it wasn't long until I spotted the source of the noise - there was a little critter with it's head in our rubbish bags.

So I grabbed my camera, trotted downstairs in my 'jarmies' and took this picture:

Hungry Hedgehog

Looks like our neighbourhood hedgehog fancied a midnight snack. It certainly explains how the bin bags have holes in them before the birds even get a chance.

I'm a nice guy, so I'm not going to stop him, but all I ask is that he just unties the bags, takes what he wants and ties the bags up again, instead of ripping a hole in the side. Doesn't he know this attracts the crows that would eat the local cats given half a chance, let alone poor little hungry hedgehogs.