If you never check out my calendar, then you can ignore this post. For those that do, be warned, things will be changing over the next few weeks, and it may not be pretty for a while.

There's a big drive to use the internal functionality of our calendar server for scheduling of my team at work. Unfortunately, this is going to mean the introduction of a whole lot of cryptic codes which won't mean anything to you.

I plan on introducing some more functionality to my calendar so that it parses these codes and makes them more "user friendly", but until then, you only really need to know that my shifts won't show up as "Earlies" or "Lates" for a while. The new requirement is for us to specify the following code - CL:UK which breaks down to:

CL - call flow. This basically means I'll be in the office for the times indicated.
UK - the country I'm in. This will only appear next to shifts (I think, I'm still trying to workout all the cryptic details) and will show the times I'm on shift.

Now you know some of the codes, you'll start seeing entries like "CL:UK" with a start and finish time, instead of a coloured "Earlies" or "Lates" block. Hopefully this won't be for too long though.

You may quickly realise that someone hasn't really thought this coding thing out properly. I'm tempted to learn Italian and sign up for their shift rota just so I can write CL:IT for my activity code :-)