In the past few weeks, I've noticed that this site has been running incredibly slow (excluding yesterday's AWOL). It appears my hosting company isn't particularily good at balancing out the users on the servers (At the moment - they promise they're fixing this), and as a result, the one I'm on gets quite a hammering from time to time.

In order to try and improve the browsing experience, I'm implementing some changes over the next few days. The most notible changes today include restricting the number of posts displayed on the front page, and changing the feeds to only provide excerpts.

My next performance plan is to try and only use web optimised PNG and GIF (if I have to) images. Sorry to those running antiquated browsers (IE 5), you may have difficulty seeing the pics. If so, try Firefox. It works a treat.

I know, I promised I wouldn't have any more techie stuff on this site, but this is more of a "keeping you informed" post which happens to have a slight techie slant - at least I didn't scare you with all the details. I'll leave that for my techie blog.

Hopefully the changes will improve your browsing experience, especially those unfortunate enough to be stuck in dial-up.