I've been meaning to do this for a while now after adding these details on creating custom bokeh to my photography "must do" list. As with most of my photography intentions, it sat around without any further action, that was until Flickr reminded me about it and we co-incidentally happened to have an empty cereal box at home.

So last weekend I set to creating my own custom bokeh with a craft knife and a ruler and these are my initial results...

I Heart Wine (custom bokeh) Heart shaped custom bokeh Star shaped custom bokeh More Star Shaped Custom Bokeh More Heart Shaped Custom Bokeh Another Heart Shaped Custom Bokeh I Heart Gerry (custom bokeh) We Heart Honey (custom bokeh)

Pretty impressive. All I need to do is find some good subjects to focus on in the foreground and use an appropriate bokeh for the background lights and we could be in business for some pretty impressive pics. I also need to find a craft shop that doesn't package up their punches and allows you to "try before you buy" - I can then take my own bit of card and get all sorts of fancy shapes for free :-D .

There are some pretty good examples of pictures taken with a custom bokeh on Flickr and also in the comments here.