Spurs LogoI received an interesting link from Alan today regarding Tottenham Hotspur:

Tottenham Hotspur teams up with SOS Children in South Africa - Tottenham have come up with an innovative way of supporting the SOS Children's charity in South Africa: they're using the money received from players' fines to support the running costs of the 'Spurs' family home in the new SOS Children's Village in Rustenburg, South Africa. The money will also be used to support a variety of community development projects in and around Rustenburg.

Rustenburg on the MapNice one lads. I'm sure the players will continue to deliberately swear at the ref, or take someone out, once in a while just to ensure the charity doesn't lose out ;-) By any chance, was Rustenburg chosen for it's close proximity to Sun City and the Pilanesburg Nature Reserve?

As can be expected, they're also doing their bit for the local community by setting up the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation and donating £4.5 million to the foundation for improving the local community - and they're getting some good political backing for it too.

Whilst I'm not a big football fan (maybe I should become one), I've not heard about any of the other clubs making such large contributions to charity and their local community, except Liverpool - all that equipment that will be knicked from the building site of the new stadium will certainly help a few enterprising Scousers in the local community :-) .