Woohoo, I'm back from my information overload abstinence, or holiday as it's more commonly called.

Claire and I have just spent 2 very relaxing weeks camping in France: first in western Normandy (Mont St Michel), Brittany (Kerval) and then the lower part of the Loire Valley (Saumur). Whilst the weather wasn't fantastic, we did get a couple of dry days to go out on our bikes and a chance to do a lot of touristy things, including seeing a lot of castles chateaux. As you can expect, I've got a stack of photos to run through. Please be patient, this may take some time as I may need to do some adjusting to compensate for some of the poor weather (I haven't actually run though all the pics yet).

Whilst we were away it seems quite a bit has gone on in the world of news... Gordon Brown is now PM, smoking in public places in England has been banned (Wooohooo!!!) and there were 2 potential terror attacks, discovered only due to typical "Britishness". A clip from Friday's episode of the Now Show on BBC Radio 4 sums it up beautifully:


Other than that, everything seems to be the same.