Yes, it's sad news. We all know Concorde hasn't graced the skies or interrupted a peaceful afternoon since 2003, however if ever we forgot what it looked like, we could always pop over to Heathrow for a quick squiz at the 40% scale model that has graced the roundabout at the entrance of Heathrow Terminals 1, 2 & 3 for the past 16 years. Well not anymore...

BA have chosen not to renew the £1.5 m (cough) per annum rent on the spot on the roundabout and the Concorde model has gone. Sniff, I'll miss the little guy. :-( Here's a photo for posterity:

Concorde on Heathrow Roundabout

The Airbus A380 model that will take it's place just won't have the same "oooooo" factor that Concorde does.

Come to think of it... why don't we have a replacement for Concorde yet? Whilst Concorde was years ahead of it's time, it's no longer is the case. Technology has improved dramatically since Concorde was first revealed, so why don't we have more super-sonic commercial air-craft? Why aren't ALL aeroplanes super-sonic?