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Dear Father Christmas

It's been a whilst since I wrote to you last as I don't normally want for much, however this is a special occasion.

I've been a very very good boy so far this year (as I always am), and if the first 6 months are anything to go by, I'll be a very good boy for the next 6 months.

I know it's a bit early in the year, but I've got an extra special favour to ask which can't wait until Christmas.

For (early) Christmas, please may I have 2 return flights to South Africa (I'm sure my special friend, Claire, would love to come too), with Virgin Atlantic (cos they rock), arriving about a week before 11 September and returning sometime after 24 September this year.

May I please also have tickets to several of the games (Jo'burg, Durbs or Cape Town, I'm not fussy as long is SA is playing), and the final of the first ever ICC World Twenty20 World Cup?

Please try your hardest. Tickets have already gone on sale and they're selling like hot cakes, which isn't surprising considering they only cost between R20 and R160 (£1.41 - £11.30). And remember, it's in September THIS year, so you will need to put A in G and get a move on.

Yours faithfully,

PS. I am the best behaved little boy in the whole wide world this year. No contest, so please don't waste time reading letters from other little boys.
PPS. If you can't manage that, I suppose I could live with Sky+ (paid upfront for a year) and a couple of crates of beer.