As a regular reader of BoingBoing, I was quite surprised and pleased (at first) to see a South African group, Die Antwoord (means The Answer), being mentioned in a post yesterday. I'm always pleased to see South African musicians getting an international mention - they don't get anywhere near the international exposure they deserve - but I'm a little unsure with this group.

This is the first video, a bit of an interview with a song at the end. If you lived in South Africa in the 80's and 90's, you'll recognise a little portion of the music from morning TV. Oh yes and if you're in the office or in front of children, you'll want to crank the volume right up, the profanities are hardly noticeable ;-) ...

Interesting and certainly a little glimpse into the culture of the poorer white communities in South Africa.

The next video, whilst not lyrically brilliant (once again, crank up the volume) is actually a pretty good, except for the girls thick Saffer accent - I'm sure she's over emphasising. The videography is pretty well done and the story, coupled with the story told in "Rich Bitch" sums up their rise from the poorer neck of the woods.

This is certainly not my cup of tea and I doubt it gets very much radio air time but credit to them for embracing the power of the internet and actually making a name for themselves, and probably a fair bit of cash too.