I've discovered a new blog that I find worth reading - JoBlog - it's by four guys who seem to live or work in and around the Fourways/Olivedale/Northgate area where I used to live. One of their posts features this very informative image:

Stupidity is not a Disability

It's on the wall outside the Spar in the All Saints Shopping Centre diagonally opposite the Olivedale Hospital where mum works. I can confirm that this is still there. Mum popped by this morning and confirmed it.

I think we could do with a lot more of these signs, along with big, bright yellow, high-tack (super sticky) stickers like this:

Inconsiderate Driver Sticker

These stickers can then be used to combat inconsiderate drivers who; park across two bays when one would be enough, park in disabled bays when not disabled, park in the middle of the road and any other inconsiderate motoring offence.