Well, it's been crowned the official Christmas number one - Band Aid 20. It's a bit sad that a re-release is a number one hit, again, but I suppose it is all for a good cause. There is however one thing I think needs to be changed in the song... the first line of the 3rd verse reads "And there won't be snow in Africa this Christmastime*" .... ummm, correct me if I'm wrong, but it NEVER snows in Africa at Christmas time. A good measure of Africa is sub-equatorial, so it's summer at Christmas time. The majority of that in the northern hemisphere is still within the Tropic of Cancer, so it's going to be too hot for snow there too. The only bit that is left that is not in the tropics, but still in the northern hemisphere is mostly desert which obviously doesn't get much rain, so snow is not likely to occur either. I can only think of one exception, and that is Mount Kilimanjaro which has snow on it's peak all year round, however it's not inhabited by many people (if any) and Christmas isn't know to be the snow fall season, so it's probably just going to be very cold without any snow fall, thus it won't be snowing at Christmas time.

Maybe I should write to Bob Geldof and suggest he changes that line before they re-release it AGAIN.