The Official Raving Loony Party

As everyone probably knows, it's election time again in the UK and the 3 main political parties are doing their advertising. Claire and I registered for postal voting this year as it's a bit of a shlep getting to a polling station after work (we don't get the day off like they do in SA). Well, our ballot papers arrived on Saturday morning. I opened mine, had a squiz through the candidates and packed up laughing... there is an official party called "The Official Monster Raving Loony Party". I couldn't believe it. I've heard about the likes of the "Soccer Party" and other such parties, but never this one. These guys even have a website and a "manicfesto" for these elections... check out their site and their manifesto, it's a good laugh. Oh and take note of where their HQ is (see bottom of their site)

Of course, anyone who's lived in the UK for some time will have heard of these guys - apparently they're well known for founder "Screaming Lord Sutch". Well I'd never heard of these folks until Saturday, but I guess I learn something new everyday.